Cowboys/Redskins Sunday Night Football Matchup



Cowboys/Redskins Sunday Night Football Matchup

The Cowboys and Redskins, one of the association’s most captivating competitions, get down to business in week two on the Sunday night stage. The two groups went down in week one and the two groups will be attempting to refocus this week. In the event that Dallas needs to get in the success segment, it should have better play from veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe. I’m expecting a superior game out of him as the Cowboys ought to have the option to misuse the Redskins auxiliary who will probably be without star security Shawn Springs. Nickel back Pierson Prioleau is additionally out and will truly leave the Washington guard dainty in the auxiliary. Terrell Owens ought to have the option to get a few chances to make some large plays. He got six passes for 80 yards and a score in the opener. Visit :- สูตรเเทงบอล


I additionally expect better play from Mark Brunell as he has now had one more week with another offense. The veteran south paw QB played well in the two successes against the division equals last season. Washington’s compass of Dallas last season was its first since 1995 and its success at Dallas finished a nine-game losing streak in the Lone Star State. Not exclusively will Mark Brunell venture up his degree of play, yet one more week ought to have Pro Bowl full back Clinton Portis more like 100%. He had 10 conveys for 39 yards in the Cowboys opener and whether he can run viably in this one could come path in determining the end result of this game.


I’m additionally certain that Dallas is finding that it’s difficult to get ready for the new-look offense in Washington as they have a million and one distinct looks. On the off chance that Brunell can ace the new offense, which was so powerful when set up at Kansas City, the Redskins could get one of the most adjusted and productive offenses in the group. On the off chance that they can’t, we will discuss how their hostile variety is to say the least. When Portis is solid, I’m anticipating that Gibbs should stress the running match-up indeed.


Washington improved of the Cowboys last season in the two gatherings and the bookmaker’s are giving the Redskins six focuses out and about in this one. At last, this game will boil down to how well Washington’s substitutions in the auxiliary can perform and how well Washington can run the football. Bledsoe won’t be great, so a couple of missing parts in the auxiliary may not be uncovered as terrible as though Peyton Manning were under focus. From the start, Dallas’ safeguard ought to overwhelm the run, however I think you’ll see an a lot more beneficial Clinton Portis than we did in week one. I have each point canvassed in this matchup and I have taken a lot of pride in picking the Sunday night victor for quite a long time. I began the season by capitalizing on the Colts in week one’s Sunday night matchup and I have week two’s victor taken care of also so ensure you’re on my triumphant side.

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